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Thread: G-R custom driveshafts....

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    Default G-R custom driveshafts....

    Hi guys, just a quick thread to show you the development work weve been doing on a few sets of shafts to suit the different gearbox setups now used on the c2.

    Weve already done a set of shafts to suit the v6 converted cars, and are currently doing shafts to suit the standard MA box, and the stronger BE4R box, which will include a cnc billet alloy carrier for the longer drivers side shaft.

    Freeze treating is also available for very high power applications.

    Heres some pics of the v6 shafts, made to replace the cut and shut shafts that were on the car.

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    sorry for being a dick spell check "standard" second line they look great though! wish i had a v6 and some new shiny shafts!

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    Default G-R custom driveshafts....

    How much are we talking for the BE4R ones ?

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    Around 475 -500 for the shafts with new cv's, plus however much the carrier comes in at, so think 650 or less for the kit untill I can work more specific prices out.

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    where the sub frame attached to the chassy about half way down the drive shaft my drive shaft snaped hit that and has bent in a slight moon shape would I be able to weld a supporting plate on

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