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Thread: New Mats

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    Default New Mats

    I had them made By car-mats-4u what do you think

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    i think they're pretty mint mate, where'd you get 'em done? and how much they cost?

    jaimz 8)

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    its all in the name of the website mate! :lol: these guys have been around for a while now. few guys i know had custom ones made for their mini's. Good quality.

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    Good website actually.

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    lol shows how tired i was when i posted :P

    jaimz 8)

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    yeah ive been to that site before. I do like em, gonna get some c2club ones made up i think.

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    they look the part

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    Looks Nice. But not so impresed by the metal plate. but that's just my idea..:-)
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