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Thread: GR Performance Sponsored cars....

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    Default GR Performance Sponsored cars....

    Hi guys, just a little thread to showcase a customer vehicle currently running in the 2012 Time Attack series, with great succsess.

    Built from the ground up firstly as a fast road and drag car Jonny Fletchers Vauxhall Astra first began winning trophies at Ten of the Best 2011, taking overall first place in the FWD class. This was quickly followed up by a FWD class win at USC 2011, with a brilliant 11.7 second quater mile.
    This led to him entering in the last few rounds of the 2011 time attack series to see how he faired, although he quickly found that he was considerably faster than most cars on the straights, the car was lacking in the corners.
    This led to the car being taken to GR Performance to go on a crash deit, and receive a full handling and aero upgrade package......
    Now in the 2012 Time attack series Jonny has appeared on the podium in all three rounds to date, taking 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd respectively.
    Now leading up to the 4th round at Anglesey he is chasing a first place, and will be having a session on the dyno to try an up the power from 462bhp @ 1.6 bar, closer to the 500bhp mark with a small boost increase.

    Heres a few snaps of the car starting from back in 2011....

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    Fantastic looking car and some serious power to be forced through the front wheels.

    Be sure to let us know how Jonny gets on at round 4 man!

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    I thought i recognised the car from Rd 2 at knockhill!

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    Love it !!!!!!
    ...............1.1 SX to C2 GT to BMW Drift-r..............

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    Just a quick update and Congratulations once again to Jonny, who won the FWD handling shootout at TOTB XI last weekend.

    For those of you who have never been to TOTB, heres a quick video put together by TC Media, in which Jonnys Astra can be seen warming up for a run on the 1/4 mile.

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    Hi Guys, just a few update pics from Matt Rhodes recent visit to us, he came in for a redesign of his front mount intercooler setup after having a few problems over the summer with high intake temps on his GR sponsored Track Impreza.
    The solution to this was our latest big power intercooling setup, an RS500 style intercooler which requires the whole slam panel to be cutout and redesigned. And new shortened chargepipes to be made. After the work was done the car went on the dyno for a map check to ensure all was working well with the new cooler, it managed a healthy 520bhp @ 1.6 bar.

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    Not posted in here for a while but will be starting again to follow the progress of Jonny Flethcer in the fwd class in uk time attack this year.....

    Its been a looong winter this year with regards to preppeing for the first event at silverstone. After some issues last year with temp control the engine need a rebuild, and we chose to build a c20let / z20let hybrid, as the older c20 block is a stronger closed deck design to allow for some extreme boost if its needed.
    That in itself rose some problems with piston and rod height as during the build we had to stop, dissasemble and send the pistons away to be machined to create proper clearance to the head.

    Once the engine was built and in the car we again had issues with a misaligned sump, the z20 had a slightly different shaped to the c20 block, sump off and a bit of alloy welding later the problem was sorted.
    With the first event only a week away the car was still very short of being complete, so a full week of late nights was needed to run the engine in, map it, build a new aero friendly front end, and redesign the flat floor.

    The car was finally completed at 5pm saturday, and jonny headed straight to silverstone to setup. We joined him sunday morning.

    Warm up and practice raised some small niggles, but nothing unacceptable for what was effectively a shakedown. Qualifying saw jonny take second place, which was a good result for a car that had barely moved since first fire up.
    The final was fast although short lived for jonny, he only managed to set a couple of fast laps before the engine pushed the dipstick out, covering the whole front end and windscreen in oil. Session was over for him as it would take too long to clean the oil up. As he pulled in to the pits he was leading by .600 of a second, which proved to be enough as no-one set a faster time in the remaining minutes of the session.

    We'll be looking to sort the niggles before the next round at knockhill, and get the car back on the dyno to extract the max from the engine as he was only running low boost at 1.7bar

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    I'll try and get to a round this year some serious motors in time attack!
    Is this the one you guys were mapping when I was down the other week?
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    It was on the other ramp with no engine in. Lol

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