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Thread: GR Performance Fabrication services......

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    Default GR Performance Fabrication services......

    This is the first of a few threads i will be doing, detailing some of the services we can offer you.

    For those who havent already seen in our c2 build thread we create many of the parts we use on our and customer cars inhouse, ranging from an alloy catch tank to one off exhaust and inlet manifolds.

    All our components are fully TIG welded, and we use a superior grade ( 316 ) of stainless steel when compared to the average exhaust system ( 304 ). This gives an end product which will stand up far better to the elements and heat it is subjected to on high powered vehicles, meaning it will tarnish less, and wont start developing small rust spots over time. We can also offer Components in 321 stainless, with a small increase in part cost.

    Here are a few examples of manifolds and other items we have made for our customers to date....

    R32 Engined, VW Jetta with ASR Garret GTX40 sidemount turbo Manifold kit....

    Honda EG Civic, ASR D16 Turbo Manifold with 38mm External Wastegate....

    Citroen Saxo turbo back single box exhaust sytem, with V band fitting....

    Ford Fiesta XR2 1.8 Zetec Throttle Body Kit....

    Mitsubishi Evo 8 Front mount Turbo Kit.....

    Toyota Supra Single Twin Scroll Turbo Manifold Kit, with twin 38mm external wastegates....

    I will continue to update this thread with new products and services as we progress

    If you are interested in any of these services our Contact details are available in this Thread : ASR Tining in partnership with GR Performance
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    Just another addition to our product lineup, A full Rotated Turbo kit for all Subaru Impreza models, allows fitment of a larger turbo than will fit in the stock position. Including Up-pipe and downpipe.

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