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Thread: ASR Tuning in partnership with GR Performance

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    Default ASR Tuning in partnership with GR Performance

    Hi guys, welcome to our very own shiny new traders area for us to showcase what we can offer, and answer any and all your questions.
    ASR Tuning have now moved to new premises located in Swinton Rotherham, in partnership with GR Performance we are moving foreward to provide an even wider range of services to customers.
    We can cater for any kind of performance modifications for a wide range of vehicles and manufacturers, ranging from a simple manifold swap to an all out turbo or supercharger conversion. We also offer track prep services including fitment of multipoint weld in rollcages, panel flocking, splitters and diffusers, and if you require extreme weight removal.
    Amongst these services we also have an inhouse AWD Dasktek 1500hp rolling road, allowing us to offer remapping and dyno runs on any vehicle, wether its a simple flash map or a full standalone ecu setup weve got it covered.
    We are also DTA and Syvecs ECU approved dealers.
    In addition to all this we have our own inhouse fabrication facilities for construction of one off exhaust manifolds, exhaust downpipes and systems, chargepipes .... even alloy inlet manifolds for either big boost applications or throttle bodies, making it possible for us to create virtually any custom part to the required spec.

    You can, for a free estimate contact us on:

    07969466626 : For Myself, James ( SeniorGT )
    07780 334270 : For Gary

    GR Performance Website : GR-Performance
    And now the Official page for GR Performance on Facebook : GR Performance

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