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Thread: Rim details needed!

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    Default Rim details needed!

    Hi guys, finally got round to sorting a deal on a c2 vtr... potentially again! The only problem is that the car is wearing some fairly horrible (IMHO) 17" Alloys. Its not that they are in bad nick, but they're just not my thing!

    The car is in silver and I want to keep as small a diameter as possible as I'm going to be paying through the bum on fuel- so i'd rather not have 17s messing it up even further. 15's would do the job perfectly- so hypothetically would anyone fancy swapping a set of 17's for a set of standard rims or something a little smaller?

    If not...Does anyone know the front and rear offsets that I need for c2 wheels? Also if anyone knows the PCD that would also be a lot of help.

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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    I like them, would look MUCH better lowered though

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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    Lowered? Lol... you haven't been to Leeds or Devon lately then. lol. The main road outside my house would eat the front splitter! But.... you do have a point!

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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    agree with dave on this 1 keep the rims and get it slammed ! will look so much better 8)
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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    perfect choise

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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    completely with everyone above they look pretty good!

    i like big gaps between the spokes so you can see the brake calipers

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    Default Re: Rim details needed!


    16" Smallest on a C2 to make it look any good
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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    Mate keep em, difference in fuel economy is barely noticable (in my case anyway), deff dont go back down to 15s

    And if u must kno fronts and back are 4x108 et25
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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    Agree with the other comments, keep the wheels and get it slammed Get the calipers painted and your sorted. As for MPG i've got 18" wheels on mine and haven't noticed any difference whatsoever.
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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    Yeah it's fine!
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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    Ah cheers guys- I didn't realize that the standard rims were 16".

    Just on a more money conscious note- I'm thinking that 17" tyres will be expensive, are standard tyres any less tear inducing?

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    Default Re: Rim details needed!

    keep the 17 mate....and get it lowerd, you dont have to go mega low for it to look good -35mm will be enough!! as for tyres..the are pretty decent brands for good prices out there!!

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