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Thread: New BSM

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    Default New BSM

    Hi anyone know where I could get a BSM for a 2006 CitroŽn C2 VTR 1.4, its the fuse box next to the battery. The unit is a Delphi unit with the following number 9659741780 L03.

    Looking foe a new one. Citroen in South Africa dont have stock

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    eBay is pretty good for second hand stuff ,does South Africa have eBay ?

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    There are loads on U.K. eBay, see if you can get one shipped internationally

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    Hi Trek thanks for the response. I can get a new L04 for the price of a secondhand L03, that why I would like to know if it is the same

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    Buy the L04 it should be fine , it’s just a later build of the same item as far as I am aware

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