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Thread: Where is the sensodrive gearbox ECU locared exactly ?

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    Default Where is the sensodrive gearbox ECU locared exactly ?

    Hi All

    This may well be a really doh! kind of question but exactly where is the ECU for the sensodrive gearbox ECU located ?

    Is it as I suspect included in the etiquette programme (sagem) ecu on the left side of the battery (facing engine) ?

    My reason for asking is I have developed clutch slip, quick premature upshifting and over revving a month or 6 weeks after having the BSI repaired due to central locking issues. The clutch and actuator were replaced less than 2 years ago and less than 10k miles and the reset process is moving the actuator fully so I don't think it's that. The car starts perfectly and selects gears smoothly and the paddles work, it just shifts up too quickly, like one - wait 2 secs - two - 2 secs - 3 and we're doing 20mph.

    I want to remove the gearbox ECU and send it off to be checked.

    I hope this makes sense and any other ideas and thoughts would be appreciated, I've been all through connections and wiring loom checking for looseness or damage and found none.


    Simon - 2004 C2 1.4 8v Furio sensodrive (petrol)
    Citroens, the french revenge !

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    Under the gearbox , just follow the wiring

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    You may need to get it on lexia ( Citroen diagnostic software ) as possibly it’s lost the memorised settings , if the main Ecu has had work , this is not the gearbox Ecu in my opinion

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    I'll need an XP laptop as well then the odd thing about it all is that it drove perfectly for 6 weeks after the BSI was fixed.

    Any suggestions where to buy the lexia in the UK searching online brings up a s**tload of I'm not sure I trust you sites or offers ?
    Citroens, the french revenge !

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimonA View Post
    Any suggestions where to buy the lexia in the UK searching online brings up a s**tload of I'm not sure I trust you sites or offers ?
    Ebay. Just find the cheapest UK seller. Be sure you can get a replacement if it's DOA. The quality control of the Chinese knock-offs is poor. For the C2 you don't need the 'full chip' version.

    I have never heard of a sensodrive fault like yours. It sounds like the system is working but not getting the right input. There is an input sensor on the top of the gearbox. You might try obtaining one from a breakers and changing it. It's black and has an angled neck for the electrical connector. Sorry but that's all I can think of.

    A bit of light reading http://jimbutterworth.co.uk/5full2tronic.pdf

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    Thank you Trek and C2Addict for your help.

    I have a copy of the Jim Butterworth document and find it very helpful.

    I had ordered an input speed sensor and when I went to fit it it was the wrong one, I have now ordered the correct one and am waiting on that to arrive as I have read things that say it could be that, we will see.

    In the meantime my partner said to me what about my old netbook (last used 2013) so I found it, powered it up and after guess the password for a while, got in to see it's windows XP home c**p so I have now upgraded it to professional, so next step software and cables.

    The things I do to entertain myself !
    Citroens, the french revenge !

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    Ok so an update on this .. I replaced the input speed sensor and it didn't solve the problem, wishful thinking might have made me think it was better for a day or two, by better read not as bad.

    Sorted out a laptop, ordered a Lexia 3, installed the software and finally got it all working. Plugged it in, recognised the VIN and input the PRO number and continued on, ran diagnostics and had no success, multiple tries and all no diaglogue, which lead me after checking pins with a multi meter etc to this thread http://www.c2club.co.uk/showthread.p...nsodrive-blues

    It fits the symptoms, the ABS light is not on and it does not illuminate when turning the key on, no flash and then goes out, which made me realise that recently when I had to stand on everything for an idiot, the wheels locked up. Short drive and emergency stop confirmed no ABS.

    The car recently passed it's MOT and the ABS light or brake light is not on so inclined towards the ABS CPU, what do you all think ?
    Citroens, the french revenge !

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    Check all the fuses , every last one , if you can access the multi plug on the abs Ecu make sure abs is getting a power supply , if not then work back till you find power , underbonnet fuse boxes have a habit of getting wet due to location , ( it’s a possibility It could be an issue ), if you have power at the abs Ecu , then possibly it’s failed , there was an issue on certain cars regards abs units dying unexpectedly , so you lose speed display , pas, seat belt errors etc etc etc, as they are fed info from the abs unit down the bus system ( basically a twisted pair of cables , )

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    Forgot to say , also check the brake light switch under glovebox as it does more than one function as well as controlling brake lights , if you still have a speed displayed then this car doesn’t have abs (see above )Have you actually confirmed you have abs Unit fitted ?As any failure cause loads of issues
    Rpo number are the numbers after the two letters ( which are the factory location code ), they are found on the silver decal passenger side B pillar just below the latch plate

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