Hi All

This may well be a really doh! kind of question but exactly where is the ECU for the sensodrive gearbox ECU located ?

Is it as I suspect included in the etiquette programme (sagem) ecu on the left side of the battery (facing engine) ?

My reason for asking is I have developed clutch slip, quick premature upshifting and over revving a month or 6 weeks after having the BSI repaired due to central locking issues. The clutch and actuator were replaced less than 2 years ago and less than 10k miles and the reset process is moving the actuator fully so I don't think it's that. The car starts perfectly and selects gears smoothly and the paddles work, it just shifts up too quickly, like one - wait 2 secs - two - 2 secs - 3 and we're doing 20mph.

I want to remove the gearbox ECU and send it off to be checked.

I hope this makes sense and any other ideas and thoughts would be appreciated, I've been all through connections and wiring loom checking for looseness or damage and found none.


Simon - 2004 C2 1.4 8v Furio sensodrive (petrol)