Hello all
Its been quite a while since I have been here on the forum.

My (loaded) question is how many Senso-drive VTRs are still in circulation?

I ask, as I will be calling my local independent Cit/Pug guy soon as he has had my car for over a year now without a word of success in getting it started.

Some of you may know that it was a long protracted story...I gave up..and handed it to the guru..
It seems like the c2 electronics have baffled even him.
The potentially good news is that we have a new Citroen Dealer who may be more capable than the previous Citroen dealer numpty.

So yes, I know we in Australia are quite the even-more poor exception in regards to Citroen support, but I'm just curious as to whether c2/c3 electronic issues UK/Europe
have been bad enough to right cars off that would be otherwise good. Do mechanics KNOW how to fix these cars there?

Several VTR c2s are on the market here right now with "will not start" problems..most of these are in remote rural areas and wouldn't stand a snowflake's chance in hell of
having someone to help them (yes.. snowflake reference intentional)..
Being in the nations capital I have a slightly better chance of getting some degree of international standard of service, but to date not so..

As it stands my c2's problem is, in my opinion, not sensodrive related directly but associated with all the additional hardware/firmware/software related to having everything
work..I just wish I had bought a VTS with full manual..

Anyway just a vent from down under..
Take care everyone in these unique times and I hope you and your families are safe and healthy..