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Thread: Aerial / Antenna cable route from the roof to the dashboard

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    Default Aerial / Antenna cable route from the roof to the dashboard

    Hi Everyone

    This has probably been answered somewhere but I have been unable to find it. I've finally decided to replace the standard head unit with an amplified DAB / FM one and know what I need adapter wise and all that.

    My question is about replacing the FM roof aerial with an amplified DAB / FM one. I have read the posts on accessing the aerial and how to remove the headlining (if necessary). The question is can anyone tell me where the aerial coax is routed ? Is it up an A pillar and then to the back ? The other question is if it is routed like that is there enough space for the extra DAB and power wires ? My hope is the answer is yes and I can attach a draw string to the old aerial coax pull it back and then draw the new wires through.

    I appreciate all the information posted on the forum and find it useful and helpful.

    Thanks everyone
    Citroens, the french revenge !

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    Antenna cable comes from the roof mounted base ,along the side roof frame and down the drivers A pillar , it then goes down under the carpet and sound deadening before coming out near the centre console and up towards the radio

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    Thanks Trek.

    The roof lining can be eased back at the back and on the drivers side to access (after removing clips, hand grip and sunvisor) the half dozen or so clips and once the cover on the A pillar is eased off the cable is visible and easy to access and use as a draw wire into the footwell. The cable runs throught a tube behind the pedals and sterring coliumn and is held in by two clips so is easily removed for threading the cables through and then clipped back in place (I cut the cable ties around the tube off to make it easier and fitted small new cable ties through the clip).

    I installed the mic for handsfree calling at the front end of the hand grip handle as it was off anyway and routed the cable with the new aerial leads.

    All done and am now enjoying DAB radio and hands free calling.
    Citroens, the french revenge !

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