Hey all, I've seem to have developed a problem with my offside light cluster. I keep getting the warning messages pop-up that the bulbs had gone, so I replaced all 4 and it was happy for about 5 miles and then started bleeping again. I checked the lights and they were actually working, but for the error message. So the other day I opened car with the fob and the left indicator didn't work. I checked the other lights in the cluster and they all refuse to light. Today I removed the cluster and checked the connecter which seems fine, I checked all the bulb filaments and they're fine? I've got no idea what's causing this, but the messages come up more regularly when it's raining? I've also checked the number plate bulbs but they seem fine. The only other clue I have is the passenger airbag/seatbelt tensioner warning also illuminates all the time. I'm guessing there's a massive short somewhere, but I've honestly got no idea where to start looking. TIA