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Thread: Main Beam does not work

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    Exclamation Main Beam does not work

    Hi there!

    I have a citroen c2 2005 sx pack, which has VAN-BUS.

    We had properly working main beam, since today. We have bi-xenon headlights which requires ballast and hid lamp.

    Today main beam was gone. When i tested the socket, there is no power on low beam cable. But there is a power on high beam socket.

    We checked all the fuses, seems all fine. But we could not able to work them. Both sides are gone.

    Any ideas?

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    The head lights have independently fused circuits for the high and low beams and left and right lamps BUT have only one relay in the BSM for low beam and one relay for high beam to run both sides.
    So either the main beam relay has gone or the BSM (engine bay fuse box) is not driving the relay or the switch in the COMs unit (the light stalk behind the steering wheel) is faulty.

    The relays that the control units use are sh!t AND the switch stalks are also known to fail.

    There is no easy way to go with this one. Forget about repairing the MK2 BSM's, to my knowledge they are potted (gooped up). So replacement is the only option there.
    The light stalk can be replaced but you will need pull the COM's unit off the steering column and pull it apart to check which connector style is on the bottom of the stalk. Or you could replace the entire COM's unit.

    This video shows you how to pull your (i hope) COM's unit apart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll-38ajCGoI

    Sorry but you will have to arbitrarily pick which way to go, COM's or BSI.

    The only hint I can give you is that, if its the stalk switch, the lights tend to do random stuff like intermittently turn on when they should be off and vice versa. You don't seem to have that trouble......but....

    As a temporary work around you can remove all four head lamp fuses and bridge the 2 high beam fuse power connectors (in the BSM) to the low beam fuse lamp connectors (in the BSM) with plain crimp-type spade connectors, cut down and a short piece of insulated wire. Turn on the high beams and your main beams should come on instead. You wont have any high beams but you will be able to drive at night (if required). If it hasn't blown the fuse I'd say your Bi-xenons are OK so bypassing the fuse temporarily should be OK.

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    Just an addendum. The high beam/low beam switching contacts are actually on the COM's printed circuit board and are not part of the stalk. So forget what I said about replacing the stalk.
    At 17:51 on the video, he puts his finger on the contacts I think are the suspect contacts but you could have a look at all of them (if you are going to go that way).

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