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Thread: Need help please on over rev

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    Default Need help please on over rev

    Hi need your help. Have a citroen c2 vtr 1400. It starts fine and idle fine, everything is fine while driving, revs is normal while driving
    And stationary. Here is the problem. After driving and stopping at the shops, if you then start the car the idling jumps to about
    2000rpm for about 30 seconds or more then dropping back to normal. This only occours after driving and the car is warm and at start up.

    Have change the MAP sensor, the throttle body and checked for vacuum leaks. Change the plugs and cleaned the filter. It did give me an P1108 code saying
    MAP sensor.

    Could it be a O2 sensor or a leaking injector. There is no engine lights on. The fuel consumption did increase.

    Do you have any advice, please

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    Sounds like fuelling so could be several things relating too or causing this , check the temp sensor for the inj system as it could be sending a false reading so the car gets more fuel at start up all the time instead of just when cold

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    Do you know where this sensor is locatef

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    Quote Originally Posted by windgat007 View Post
    Do you know where this sensor is locatef
    End of the block where gearbox and engine meet usually around the thermostat housing

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    Did change the sensor, but its still the same. Got another error saying adaption if air intake and IAT sensor. As
    Far as i know the C2 doesnt yave a IAT intake air temo sensor, is it perhaps incorporated in the MAP sensor, please need advice

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    Have you fitted the correct map sensor as you said you had replaced it , was it thee same part number on the tag or did you get it from a factors or eBay as some are cheap Chinese sh*te

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