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Thread: heads up for coolant pipe

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    Default heads up for coolant pipe

    just a heads up for the coolant pipe that runs from the coolant bottle down to the bottom of the radiator on the gt , the clips securing it come off and the pipe rests on the metal frame of the car just behinf the head light slowly digging into it and then it bursts , check this on your car to avoid nasty fluid all over the place

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    The larger of the two coolant pipes ( the one that goes from the expansion tank to the bottom of the radiator) is one to watch , I tend to cable tie the retaining clips at each end as had one pop off before
    It should be in a support clip at the side of the front panel carrier next to the radiator , if it isn’t then rubbing can occur

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    im going to check it all over this week and sort all the pipes , cheers trek

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