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Thread: Remote locking/unlocking not working

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    Default Remote locking/unlocking not working

    I have a 2005 C2 VTR. Recently I managed to lose the chip of the key. Don't ask. I took the car to a local locksmith. He got me a new chip and programmed it to the car, but since then the remote cannot lock or unlock the car.
    When the button is pressed there is a clicking sound coming from the fuse box under the dash, the radio make sound like its trying to eject the cd and a noise comes from behind the instrument cluster, but nothing happens at
    the doors. The center console button still works fine. I got a secondhand fuse box from a friend and put that in the car with the remote from that car and with that the door can lock and unlock with that
    remote. Off course the car cannot be started with that in it. What could be the problem in my fuse box?

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    The bit that doesn't make sense is that you can lock/unlock the doors from the button in the dash. The only assumption I can make I that the guy didn't program the keys properly. It's possible there is a problem with the BSI but the coincidence that it just so happened to fail right after the guy fiddles around with the keys is not right in my opinion. Have you gone through the key programing steps in the owners manual?
    I don't know if you know but the key contains three security devices. The blade (the actual key part for the lock). The "chip", the bit that is used to unlock the engine ECU. The RF transmitter, the bit used to unlock the car. The chip and transmitter are programed in different ways. You can programme the transmitter but without a LEXIA you cant program the chip.

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