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Thread: Abs Esp light on when fuel light is on

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    Default Abs Esp light on when fuel light is on

    I noticed that all the time the fuel reserve light is on the small triangle for abs/esp failure pops up.

    In other condition it never showed up.

    I think this is an electric gremlin and I can cope with it but I was wandering if there are any quick fix for this.

    Does anyone know ?

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    I had this problem, it was due to the Upstream Oxygen Sensor being faulty. What was happening was the car was under the belief that there was a misfire during a low fuel level, as the sensor was not reading correctly the car decided to declare the problem in a magical way. Did you have an anti-pollution warning at point, if so check your log history to see if you have had an Upstream Oxygen Sensor fault or misfire detected during low fuel level.

    If this is the case it is important that you do not buy a cheap sensor especially if your engine is modified as they tend to melt. Unfortunately the OEM ones form Robbins and Day cost 165, therefore try to wait for a sale at an aftermarket retailer.

    There is no gremlin, the can bus commands often get interrupted by fault devices and translate into strange warnings. If it's not your Lambda sensor then check your log history for other faulty devices which could cause the manifestation of this warning light.

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    Thanks for answer.
    I dont have any fault in memory and never had a check engine.
    Anyway I do have a spare lambda sensor and I will replace it (car has 210.000km now)

    Will let you know !


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    Did it work? I am interested as I want to know emphatically what this problem is?

    Sorry if my suggestion didn't work.

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    I replaced both lambda when I had the tank full. I'm waiting to get down to reserve and let you know (possibily this week)

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