I've posted a few times about this issue and have not had any real luck in getting it sorted. I've had a mechanic look at it multiple times and he says there is nothing obvious wrong, or anything broken etc..

After doing a bit of searching on here I've noticed quite a few have problems with the steering rack, I was hoping someone could shed some light on wether they think its worth me changing me ECU / Motor

Main symptoms
  • Awful turning at low speeds, feels like no power steering at all at times
  • Wobble in steering wheel, feels as if the steering wheel isn't connected properly
  • Pulls horrendously either side, mostly to the left however
  • noises whilst turning at low speed
  • sometimes it is worse than others, which really confuses me. I got in it about 2 months ago to find no problem at all, then the next day the issue was back

Do you guys think it would be worth replacing the ECU / Motor before changing the whole rack? I've read on here changing the motor isn't that hard, neither the ECU however the entire rack I can image is quite tricky