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Thread: Help! C2 Doors are deadlocked/cant open doors.

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    Default Help! C2 Doors are deadlocked/cant open doors.

    Hi all, im in a huge pickle here, long story short I removed the battery for my C2 but I stupidly locked the car before hand.

    Now with the charged battery in I cant seem to get the doors to unlock, the car will not respond to the key even if inserted, probably because the latter is electronic.

    I've looked in the passanger door handle for the emergency door release but i dont see anything obvious to get it open.

    What i have now is the bonnet open and the key, is there anyway to get this open without smashing the window or getting the windscreen replaced?


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    Did you have any luck?
    It might be a bit late but the driver side door lock is NOT connected to the central locking mechanism. It is precisely for this occasion, emergency DRIVER DOOR lock/unlock. In fact if you have a factory alarm in the car, using the door lock to open the car will set the alarm of. The problem is that in the UK salting of the roads causes the lock mechanism to rust up and it's not until people have problems with their central locking that they discover this! However being in South Africa I wouldn't have thought that would have been a problem for you. I live in Australia and my "lock" still works just fine.
    By the way there is no "manual" unlock on the passenger door, only an emergency locking feature and that is accessed by opening the door and adjusting the mechanism in the door. As you know the tail gate will not open without electrical power.
    These "fail safes" are supposed to allow you to secure your car in the event of power failure, however if the driver door mechanical lock fails...your stuffed!

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