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Thread: VTS by Loeb 2007 - Gearbox Oil change

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    Default VTS by Loeb 2007 - Gearbox Oil change

    I've been trying to drain the gearbox oil but the 8mm square drain bolt I have is too big. There's a thread on here from someone who has done this and explained in great detail but I just can't find the right tool/socket, unless I am looking at the wrong drain plug but there's only one on the side of the gearbox. BTW mine is LHD but that can't make any difference can it?

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    It has to be an 8mm square drive plug unless someone was fiddling with it before. Fill it up with gearbox oil through vent cap. It takes 2l.
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    It’s 7mm warm the car up first to normal operating temperature , then drain the box ( oil is thinner ) refit and tighten then add 2 litres through the breather cap

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