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Thread: C2 53 vtr - cutting out

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    Default C2 53 vtr - cutting out

    Hi All

    Very much like a previous post from Smulsh -

    My wifes VTR has started jumping out of automatic gear change.

    Also - last week there was a big 'clunk' and the car stalled. It would restart but once put in gear it would not move - just rev - but sounds to me like in some kind of 'limp' mode
    Then 'clunk' and stall again. I got to the car 2 hours later and it started and drove ok

    It went for MOT and passed with flying colours - and nothing showed on a diagnostic machine (non citroen)

    Then it happen again yesterday!! Passer by mentioned a possible earthing problem he had with a similar car

    Any help would be useful as we are going to sell the car but I wont sell it if it breaks down every so often


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    You will only be able to read basic antipollution and engine data from a generic reader, no proprietary information like that from the Sensodrive.

    Does the car stall like the clutch has been dumped or is still engaged? Or is it more like the engine has run out of power and dies?

    The first is probably a problem with the Sensodrive the other is likely an engine sensor.

    A hint might be that no errors came up on the code reader (and the engine light didn't come on?). So, on the surface, it doesn't seem to be the engine.

    Do the auto and snowflake symbols flash? If so that's a Sensodrive failure. Usual suspect there is the clutch actuator.

    Sorry but without your car being put on a LEXIA we're just guessing.

    By the way, if you manually change gears, while in auto mode, does it permanently drop out of auto?

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