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Thread: 2005 C2 1.4hdi furio Sensodrive ABS pump (again)

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    Default 2005 C2 1.4hdi furio Sensodrive ABS pump (again)

    I'm so sorry to cover old ground yet again but I think my brain is turnnining to soup now.....

    '05 1.4 furio sensodrive ABS ident.

    Neither myself or the mechanic can make sense of the numbers we have copied from the ABS pump to identify a replacement part.
    We couldn't see a long part number starting with a 9 but the info we did find is as follows....

    MK70 CEM00


    LU (OR 'LO') 35F 16111

    That's the best translation of what was legible when the car was up on the ramps.

    Having trawled the www I couldn't find any units with a letter F in the last number, they are all 'E' thats the ones I can read from the pics.
    The guy in the breakers yard just gave me a resoundingt no but I'm sure he was saying something much ruder between his ears.
    Have I copied this incorrectly, can I identify which ABS pump I need from the VIN does anyone know pls?

    Citroen dealers in South Yorks are keeping a conspiracy of silence and the guy from Wiclo Motorsave Just said My mate, blah blah blah..........Just scrap it because he did.
    Which was very unhelpful.

    The mechanic I use is quite good and helpful but he hates doing anything on these C2s but said he will split the pump and control unit and just replace the pump so does that mean
    that there will be more than one compatible pump in that range of cars he can use as the electronics don't need reprogrammed into the ECU.

    Any help would be warmly received as, like others, we are desperatlely trying to keep the costs as low as possible and our car is an essential essential too. Sorry to preach to the choir.

    Thanks very much folks.

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    Might have one , I need to check

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