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Thread: C2 key fob swap. take a look maybe it will help you .

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    Exclamation C2 key fob swap. take a look maybe it will help you .

    Hello every one .
    Its more informative explanation what could go wrong and why your fresh key fob that you just bought off Ali-express, E-bay , Amazon and so on is suddenly not working.
    So it was working on the old fob that was broken but after a replacing the blade and the PCB, putting the battery closing it up its just not working.
    Going trough all the steps of reprogramming and spending hours of your time it`s still not working. You might think well i need some addition software to reprogram it or go to some service well take your time before going any ware and spending money.
    So what you can do is take your fob apart "The new one" take the PCB and while sitting inside your car by the wheel, take the key fob and align the contacts from the bottom part that holds the blade with the PCB, then press the unlock button
    if you hear the car buzzing pres the lock button if it locks you have bad contact alignment whit the new fob.
    My solution was simple slightly bend the metallic standoff enough that after closing it was making contact with the PCB it took me a few minutes but it did work and now after shimming under the battery, to be sure the contacts there are contacting battery, some paper and align the standoff it worked perfectly fine.
    In the Picture Pic1.jpg you can see which one to bend .

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    Default key

    my sons key case was worn out round the buttons so i gave him the spare,and bought a new one off ebay. It was only a couple of quid.
    what could go wrong.well when i pressed the buttons the doors opened and locked,.great chucked the key in the drawer and forgot about it.
    A few weeks later i had to move hes car ,he was out with hes keys.
    would it start would it ek.It could'nt pick up the sensor through the plastic.i had to open up the key to start the car.
    Not before checking all the other possible problems first, flea bay eh.

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