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    Hi all
    I have a c2 loeb 33.000 on the clock, the usual little scratch here and there. 2 New tyres on front, plenty of tread on rear, still got a few months mot on it. Bad pionts abs sensor needs fixing
    and water pump leaking and needs a new cam belt. I want to sell it but dont know what its worth, Anyone got any thoughts.
    Cheers Sproggy

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    You need to tell us what year etc. With the faults listed you might get 0500

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    ive got a loeb with same milage with the odd scratch here and there and if you get the work done then why you cant get 2500 for it i dont know,as there is a black one on flea bay with 46,000 miles on it and they want 2,595 but then its only worth what somebody wants to pay,but defo over 2000 thats just my thoughts on it,good luck

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