OK...I'm just posting this out of frustration as I'm afraid my poor old 2004 GT with one previous owner and 75K miles on the clock which I've owned for 6 years is most likely off to the scrap yard next week after I've removed any bits I want from it which is such a pity as it drives fantastic and goes like the proverbial and mechanically only needs a couple drop links and a new rear brake disk to get it through the MOT.
The screen has a crack but the car is insured and MOT'd until later this month so it would only cost the insurance excess premium to sort the screen out...it's been used daily, well maintained from when I got it and never let me down once. The engine is very good, as is the gearbox and clutch, the cam belt and water pump were replaced at 50K and wheels and tyres are very reasonable and other than an issue with the passenger door central locking and one or two very minor dings and scratches, it's all good to go and so reliable I could actually trust it to get me from one end of the UK to the other in one go without any hesitation.

So why would I scrap it?

Unfortunately while mechanical bits would cost relative peanuts to put it right for MOT, the pre-MOT check has revealed the sills have let it down and probably need replacing or a fair bit of welding welding which makes it uneconomical to repair! I would have sorted most of it myself or broke it for spares but I have been quite seriously ill for the past three years which precludes that option and although I've owned many brand new cars in my time, I have to say that the little GT is my all-time favourite driving and fun car car and it really troubles me to let it go like this!

I still have my 2010 1.4 VTR which was my old driving school car and still in excellent condition plus I've just bought a 2009 VTS with only 55K on the clock in very tidy condition as a replacement for the GT but it's not nearly as appealing as the GT and not nearly as quick either and the GT had little to go wrong with it into the bargain as they were a no frills car originally intended to meet froduction car racing rules. I even still have the original tyre inflator canister pack and ash tray that came with the car when new. I suppose I'll get used to the VTS but it just doesn't have the charisma of the little GT!

I'll be so sad to see it go next week when I come back from my long weekend break but I'd much prefer to let it go to someone who'd have the time, skill and enthusiasm to give it a new lease of life as there's still a few years left in her so, if anyone could make good use of it, even if only for spares and wants to contact me and make a very modest offer and be prepared to collect from East Yorkshire then they would be welcome to it and could have the complete car to drive away rather than me take off the wheels and a few other bits and scrap it!