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Thread: Replace Heater blower motor

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    Question Replace Heater blower motor

    Can someone please advise how I can replace a noisy heater blower motor. Having bent double under the dashboard I still cannot find how I get to the motor. All help gratefully received
    If not could anybody with a Haynes manual please check to see if the information is in there. If it is I will gladly buy a copy of the manual.
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    Aperantly it's in your globox but it's also in the Haynes manual chapter 3.10, I don't know if these attahcments will work. If not go to Halfords (or whereever still sells books) and photograph it.

    Heater blower motor

    23 The blower motor is fitted to the top of the heating/ventilation housing, on the left-hand side.

    24 On right-hand drive models, remove the glovebox as described in Chapter 11 . Access to the motor can then be gained through the glovebox aperture.

    25 On left-hand drive models, remove driver’s side lower facia panel as described in Chapter 11 to gain access to the motor.

    26 Where necessary, slacken and remove the retaining screw securing the motor to the housing (see illustration) . Note this screw is not always fitted.

    10.26 Position for retaining screw (arrowed)

    27 Disconnect the wiring connector from the top of the blower motor and unclip the wiring from the securing clips on the rear of the motor housing (see illustration) .

    10.27 Disconnect the wiring connector

    28 Reach up behind the facia and rotate the motor clockwise to free it from the housing then manoeuvre it out of position and out from under the facia (see illustrations) .

    10.28a Rotate the blower motor clockwise . . .


    10.28b . . . and withdraw it from the housing

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