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Thread: Furious French Car

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    Default Furious French Car

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a Furio 1.4 hdi and yes there's loads of probe thank you. It'll keep me out of trouble
    For a while!! However I have discovered 2 unattached cables in the engine bay that I can't I.d. One is on the drivers side it emerges from the far left of the bulkhead and just hangs there and the other is from the same side of the car but near the rad at the front. Ive
    Attempted to attach some pics.
    I will be externally grateful for any help with this, I had guessed that the one at the front may have been something to do with
    AC that had been removed and the bulkhead wire was the wiring for the elec mirrors or horn as neither of those work atm.

    I Wasnt able to upload a pic but use this link to my fb pages
    Where I've posted a couple. Thanks.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this

    2005 Furio electronic 55 plate with mk1 fuse box in car it runs, it's taxed, tested and insured and it stops safely. The Aston can wait.Attachment 18419

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    By Loeb


    I can't see those pic unfortunately (It won't let me open the pics properly unless I log in and I don't have a facebook account).
    I'd agree with the assumption that at least one of them could be for the A/C though...

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    The one at the rear could be the wire to the AC pressure sensor (black 3 way plug).
    The one at the front could be the wire to the bonnet catch sensor which if there is no alarm fitted would be left blank (black 2 way connector). If I remember correctly there is also a blue or gray 2 way plug next to it also not in use

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    Just seen your pics. The front one is yellow so that is either the wire to the AC compressor or to the foglight. The 1.6 petrol has a yellow plug from a sensor in the front of the engine but not sure about the hdi

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