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Thread: 1.1 C2 Stepper Motor ??

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    Default 1.1 C2 Stepper Motor ??

    Hi C2 fans,


    can anyone tell me where abouts is the stepper motor on my 1.1 C2 ? - I have looked everywhere and just can't see where it is.

    Many thanks in return
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    Does anyone know where this is on the engine please ?

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    I've been trying to find this out as well.

    why you trying to find it?

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    I believe it's on the back of the throttle body.

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    Sorry buddy, don't know what stepper motor you mean then. If it is the one that controls the engine idle and throttle position then the only place it can be is on the throttle body as this would be the motor that opens and closes the butterfly. Sorry I couldn't help.

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    Maybe mines been taken off? that's why I can't find it and why its playing up.

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