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Thread: NA or Turbo track car ?

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    Default NA or Turbo track car ?

    Hi everyone I've recently bought a C2 vts which I want to use only on track I've been out a few times now with s few mods but even though I think it's great value for the money and surprises a few more powerful cars it would be great to have more power. What would you more experienced C2 owners / tuners think is the fastest track car setup? NA or turbo ?


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    I'm no expert but there are plenty of options out there from v6 conversion to turbo, I guess it all comes down to what the wallet permits.

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    Hi C2Josh96, I know what your saying but putting the money bit to one side lol. I've been used to big power 4wd cars so front wheel power is fairly new to me. My question is if money wasn't the deciding factor would a high powered NA C2 be
    quicker round a race track than a turbo powered C2 with more power ? As I'm unfamiliar with turbo powered C2's, specially how well they'd put the power down on track.

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    The problem is, n/a powerd 1.6 c2 will not do more than 170, and that is with headwork and itb... But then again, i think at that power and with its handling it is a capable track car...
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