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Thread: Citreon C2 1.4 Sensodrive Problems

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    Default Citroen C2 1.4 Sensodrive Problems - Crankcase sensor location

    Hi All

    Could someone please advise ( with pic if possible ) the location of the crankcase sensor?

    Story behind this, Wife has had the car for while and recently its got a fault were randomly if will do three beeps and drop out of auto mode with flashing auto and snowflake,
    Battery tested thats fine, Plugged in for diagnosis check at locate garage , No fault codes.
    Tried gearbox reset, raced it around my local roads after for about 10 miles no problem, Wife travels 5 miles and comes to stop at lights and beeps again.

    Was selling as spares when someone said its the crankcase sensor, Brought one but have no idea where it is on the engine.

    Also any other advice on this?

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    You need new Clutch actuator and calibration gears. I had same problem

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    The snowflake and auto symbol flashing (or “snowflake of death”) indicate a problem with the sensodrive system.
    Unfortunately it’s not very intelligent at telling you what the problem is! It could be anything from a faulty actuator to a slipping clutch. Yes, the clutch actuator is the usual suspect but not the ONLY thing that can go wrong.
    There are a few things that you can check. 1) Are you sure you reset the sensodrive CORRECTLY? Did the gearbox “click” and “clack” for about a minute? 2) How many miles has the clutch done?
    Rather than fumble around in the dark, find someone with a LEXIA (Citroen, Peugeot) and see what the car THINKS is the problem, DO NOT commit to having it repaired!!!!!! Find out how much to have the system upgraded and do it if the price is reasonable.
    Generally speaking, faults with the clutch actuator are in the motor. Worn brushes and corrosion are typical faults but once again, not the only faults.

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