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Thread: My C2 VTS

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    Default My C2 VTS

    After being in the UK over the summer I have been able to take advantage of the cheep cost of parts and labor compared to Sweden.

    Here is a list of what I have done:

    K&N 57i air filter form a Citroen C3 1.6 (which is 120 cheaper)
    New Throttle body (just because mine broke)
    New Sump (due to a leaky plug)
    New Radiator (kinda broke mine when installing my manifold)
    Ashley manifold
    Full Powerflow exhaust system
    KW Coilovers
    Compbrake top mounts
    Compbrake quick shift (still to fit)
    17inch OZ Superturismo wheels
    Toyo Proxes T1R's
    MTEC drilled and grooved brakes
    EBC Green Stuff brakes
    Hell braided brake lines
    Rear diffuser (got it on sale on Amazon Prime day!)
    Speed Hunters, Air France, Nordkapp and Nurburgring stickers

    Still to do:

    Cams and remap, anyone have any advice?


    My brakes kept catching fire when driving around the Nurburgring so I need to asses my ventilation options.


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    Looking good mate! You lowered at all?

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    I have FK - Street Coilovers not KW as I posted, my bad. The fronts are wound down as far as they will go but it still seems quite high. It was sitting much lower until I put the combrake top mounts in, I am looking at ways to bring it back down. If I had to guess I would say it's about 20-30mm lower then standard.

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    ah sorry mate, missed the coilovers when reading your list. I was looking to get some superturismo's, this has just confirmed it for me haha

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    Can I ask what the specs are of your wheels? The ET and offset? cheers

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    Of course,

    They are 4x108 ET48 with a centre bore of 63.5mm from a Ford Focus. I am using hubcentric PCD adaptors to convert the Citroen 65mm bore to 63mm bore whilst spacing them out 20mm on the front and rear with an additional 5mm hubcentric spacer on the rear.

    PCD adaptor: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20MM-HUBCE...53.m2749.l2649
    Additional rear spacers: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-4x108...53.m2749.l2649

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    Very nice car... i like it...
    ***7x17 Wolfrace Hustle***windows tinted***Pipercross Viper***Remus rear silencer***custom rear lights***Eibach -50mm springs

    You plan on turboing that thing? You better start spending money on drugs, like all the normal kids

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    Weekend @ Nurburgring

    This is the first time in my life that I go on a circuit. It's really awesome !!!


    I've posted 2 videos on youtube



    Sorry if my driving is not good, I'm a beginner on the track. And my car is not very powerful

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    Ca c'est bien! 12:21 for your 1st try, well done.

    Did you go to the sim racing expo? I have always wanted to go there and do that! I have been driving the track virtually for about 15 years, if have any pics of that post then on the forum!

    I do love the Nurburgring, the off circuit atmosphere is ineradicable. I am heading back there on Halloween, I was there last year and during the day it was a display of the best cars in the world and at night it was the party of a lifetime.

    I am very inspired by your steering wheel and I want to buy a C3 MK2 wheel and flock it.
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    Solving the braking issue:

    I got two 3 inch cold air feeds from eBay and ran them from the bottom grill to the wheel arch. I have seen better racing spec brake ducting but this was 10 and at least allows for the flow of air aimed at the brakes. Oh and Ignore the oil, that's next on my broken list.

    Exit hole:

    Solving the dull yellow issue at the front:

    I would show you how nice the H1 LED conversion kit looks but the clip snapped shortly after I put them in. They look great and I will be able to address the issue in next few days:

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    I like your car alot... really... it has all the right mods that i allways plan for my car, but allways some shit gets broken before i can buy cool stuff...
    I have to comment on brake-cooling, kind of a oldschool mod nobody seames to be doing anymore, you have a big A+ on my list ofr that
    ***7x17 Wolfrace Hustle***windows tinted***Pipercross Viper***Remus rear silencer***custom rear lights***Eibach -50mm springs

    You plan on turboing that thing? You better start spending money on drugs, like all the normal kids

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    Thanks Kirian!

    Well it's an old school car, short from getting a GT bumper there is very little way to get air to the brakes. I did see the trackspec kit but as you know with a Citroen there is a wish list and a broken list, it's kinda ghetto but hopefully 2 10 cold air feeds from the front grill should hopefully do the job!

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    Back to black and some yellow for the Queen.

    I purchased the rear lights from failhappy and they almost match the paint work. They seem pretty dark so next step is a whole bunch of LED's and canbus resistors.

    Finally, after about a month of going backward and forward with the DVLA I received my V5 and have successfully imported my car form Sweden. I held out for as long as I could because I really didn't want to pay the government money to wade through pot holes but I guess the law is the law. The big differences are insurance and tax.

    Normally a car registered after 2001 is regulated by the EURO V standard however when you register a car over 10 years old in the UK you do not need to provide a certificate of conformity. If you do not provide this certificate the DVLA will register it as TAX class 11 not TAX class 48. When they do this you receive a V5 logbook which states the word exempt on all CO2 and emission readings as cars prior to 2001 which fall into TAX class 11 where not subject to the same environmental restrictions.

    This basically means I wasted 150 on the sports cat I put on the car because I was required to have a vaild MOT in the UK prior to transferring the registration with the DVLA. But whatever from now on, no CAT suits me just fine.

    In Sweden my insurance was 150 for the year but I didn’t have the modifications until I came back to the UK. After not being in the UK for 5 years and not having a no claims bonus my insurance is now 995 with Fluxdirect but I have disclosed all the modifications so it could be worse.

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    And thanks to Benny for his inspiration. I changed the wheel over to a C3 MK2 flat bottom wheel, it is a direct fit and easy to do (with a few fiddly clips).

    I purchased a C3 Mk2 wheel from ebay for 10

    I then sent it to Royal Steering wheels in Bucks http://royalsteeringwheels.com/ who retrimmed it for me in Black Alcantara with silver stitching and a red 12 o'clock ring. And yes while expensive at 145, it's honestly worth every penny and makes the car feel great. I actually had these guys match the colours of my new Sparco seats but they have bested me for now so I can't show you them. Of course, if you choose to do this you can go for the Ds3, 207 or even the C3 MK2 VTR+ flat bottom wheels which are leather and quite nice on their own.

    The big problem came trying to find a Citroen C3 Mk2 drivers airbag, as it turns out almost all C3 Mk2's are involved in some sort of head on collision making their airbags much more expensive (average 140) than the Ds3's or 207's. As I had put the effort in to retrim the wheel I went for the Citroen logo but if you don't mind a DS logo or a lion looking back at you and with a bit of ebay luck, you can do the whole thing for less than 100.

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    I am close to the final stage of the build, all that's left to do is replace all the engine oil seals. I guess you never finish building something that is an expression of yourself, you just come to a point where you just stop working on it.

    With that said, here is the car when I purchased it:

    This car was a great choice for the city of Stockholm and allowed me to easily maneuver the narrow old town and easily find a parking space. It wasn't until I drove it to the end of the world, literally as far north as roads could possible take me 71 degrees north deep in the Arctic Circle that I knew this car would be something I wanted to invest my time in. Here it is battling avalanches and ice roads en route to NordKapp in Norway:

    And this is how it looks now:

    These wheels are my 15 inch OZ Superturismo's which I got of Gumtree for $40 to allow me to run my Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Artic's and dance around people in the snow. And the coilovers have been raised up a bit. I also need to get a GT grill and mesh the lower bumper at the front but that should be done next month.

    As nice as (I think) it looks from the outside, it's not a motorcycle so I had to do something about the area I sit in. The good news is that I finally tamed my Sparco R333's and they sit nicely with the retrimmed steering wheel:

    It's been fun building and rebuilding this car and after I replace the 12 year old oil seals and head gasket I can keep this car as my daily runner. That way I can turn my attention to building something with enough horsepower that I don't have to keep getting out the way whilst on track.
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    very nice looking car, really... love the steering wheel, just ordered one like it, the seats look greta, imho a bit too modern, but still ace mod. also plan on doing the difusor, like you did. i really like your car, and i don't like black cars

    great job
    ***7x17 Wolfrace Hustle***windows tinted***Pipercross Viper***Remus rear silencer***custom rear lights***Eibach -50mm springs

    You plan on turboing that thing? You better start spending money on drugs, like all the normal kids

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    Thanks Kiran, enjoy your new wheel!
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    Well, you know that part where I mentioned something about finishing the car? Well ignore that was a complete lie... let’s begin:

    You may be able to see where I am going with this post and don’t just jump to the Dyno Print out:

    And these are the original cams, pulleys and tappets (hydraulic lifters)

    Like you, and everyone else, I wanted to go for the Newman's Ph3 cams but could not find a garage in or around the London area who had current experience in these cams. After allot of research and speak to Pug1Off of Brackley I went with CatCams 1323703. The difference between these and the Ph3's is the lift duration which has in some previous cases caused piston contact; which you should always try to avoid. There is also a non-flat idle speed issue when using the standard ECU (as you can't increase it) and standard intake manifold which (I have been told) doesn't work well with the pressure requirements. Now the actual difference between the cams is rated at 3-5BHP.

    Now Catcams state that the cams do not need different pulleys from the original but if you are thinking of doing this please check with Catcams themselves. I opted to go for a set Catcams CTPE001 Adjustable cam wheels just because I didn't want any timing issues and the engine left the factory 12 years ago!

    So then it was time to pull the engine apart because as Pavlov will tell you, you don't know what's in there until you open the box, so open it we did.

    Looking at this picture there is what looks like some room to port the exhaust section however all I had on hand was a dermal.

    Turns out, Pavlov can suck it and should be tried for animal cruelty, every seal, every gasket and all the internals were perfect! Not that they were leaking anyway. This is quite amazing from a French engine but is a testament to the Swedish inspection system and culture around car servicing. For around 150 Citroen will give you all the replacement parts you need and why not do it.

    All this work was done by Naz at Powerflow in Slough, if you live anywhere near London I recommend using him for any work. After this it was sent off to Pug1Off

    (1st Shot of my GT Grill)

    Now I recommend Pug1Off, they are brilliant and, like me, they don't know when to give up on an old French car. They were able to install the Cams of which I wasn't present for so I can't show you any photos, but I've been told they a vaguely cam shaped. The map was a bit of an issue, there was a checksum stopping the exact clone of a previous map however by the mid-morning they had figured it out. They also performed 10 dyno runs, they found a slight fuelling issue around the 6K mark where the power was being made. I also have a K&N 57i induction kit which is actually pretty bad, not as bad as the OEM but even with the GT grill there was still not enough air reaching the intake. With the bonnet down we were getting a power difference of 6BHP in comparison to the bonnet being open, if you had actually read all this and didn't just skip to the dyno results you wouldn't know that was 138BHP with the bonnet down.

    So now I need to think about bonnet vents as I don't want the vacuum cleaner attachment GSR sell.

    Anyway, the figure for a car from 2006 with 100K miles on the clock is: 144.1BHP

    More to come soon, maybe...

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    Awesome figures and custom build. Were they able to sort haunting idle?
    "I'd rather lose by a mile because I built my own car, than win by an inch because someone else built it for me. Your car is your story, so don't let someone else write the book." - Moog

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    Thanks Sebastian, running the catcams over the Ph3's there are no idle hunt issues. The catcams make the car sound fantastic at idle with a barrage of little pops instead of exhaust drone.

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    sounds excelent... good job... why don't you try running a pipe or the whole filter behind the gt grill? in the top right corner of cooler mount, there is a opening (for a stock airbox) that can be enlarged enough to let through a 2" or a 2,5" pipe of some sort (that's my plan up next)

    ty for a user-friendly info about cams. i didn't know that the difference between newmanns and catcams is only 5hp, but you don't have problems with idle. that's some usefull info
    ***7x17 Wolfrace Hustle***windows tinted***Pipercross Viper***Remus rear silencer***custom rear lights***Eibach -50mm springs

    You plan on turboing that thing? You better start spending money on drugs, like all the normal kids

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    Thanks for the thought Kirian, I will definitely take a look and utilize that opening as much as I can. The problem we found is that the K&N 57i filter, or basicly any non enclosed intake doesn't get enough cool air as it is sat directly behind the radiator and has the exhaust manifold glowing to the side of it. This means the only way to tryley resolve the issue is to, like you said put it in front of the radiator or buy a closed intake system. I would just go get a BMC air filter but I am currently thinking of crazy ways to cool the whole front end of the car down and also allow more ventilation to the front brakes.

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    Somebody had that done actually, i asked for pictures, but recieved none... next month i'm gonna be taking my front bumper out (grill and splitter install, so, i'll have a look at that part i was telling you about, also, i like your brake cooling, thinking of that myself, and i was thinking of atatching a big airscoop just behind my new open grill, and coneccting it to my bmc, that sounds great for cold air, just not too sure about rain
    ***7x17 Wolfrace Hustle***windows tinted***Pipercross Viper***Remus rear silencer***custom rear lights***Eibach -50mm springs

    You plan on turboing that thing? You better start spending money on drugs, like all the normal kids

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    Thanks Kirian, I will let you know what I come up with.

    But before I trash this on a speed bump, new front splitter (this link may not work on mobiles) http://www.cituninguk.com/p/C2-S-Typ...-Spoiler(1614)

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