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Thread: Track days in C2

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    Default Track days in C2

    Hi guys , myself and 10 other's have all bought C2 vts to do track days , this has been going on for about 18 months and our cars are getting better and better. There is some footage on youtube
    ( C2 Battle Bedford parts 1 and 2 ) My C2 is the Black and Orange ( PAGSPEED ) car. As i said before there are 11 soon to be 12 cars , we try to do one every 6 weeks or so.
    If any of you are interested in coming along i will post the dates of our next outing. Thanks paul

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    Sounds like great fun! Where's your next one?

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    When are you next out Paul?
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    hi guys , sorry not been on here for ages, we was at Bedford on sat , had a blinding day out. as soon as we have next trackday sorted out ill be sure to let you all know

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    hi guys , we are doing Bedford GT on sat 24th march 2018

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    Hi guys , Bedford on Saturday 15th December , 11 C2's going should be good

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