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Thread: Lower engine mount (gearbox mount) help needed please

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    Default Lower engine mount (gearbox mount) help needed please

    Hi all,

    I was hoping that someone could help me with some information on fitting a lower engine mount in a C2 Loeb.
    Any information / videos / photos would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Put front of car on axle stands or borrow a ramp, Remove 2 bolts, remove mount and bin, fit new mount , refit bolts and tighten

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    Thanks Trek, do I need to support the gearbox?

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    Iv just done this in my c2. It really is as easy as trek said. If it's the one under the car no there is no need to support the gearbox as it's best to leave it free so you have movement in it to line the bolts back up took me around 10 mins todo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loeb106 View Post
    Thanks Trek, do I need to support the gearbox?
    Nope , as it's a torque mount ,

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