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Thread: C2 vts sprints and hills

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    Default C2 vts sprints and hills

    Hi, I was just wondering what the thoughts are on here?
    I have bought a 05 plate C2 VTS. It is standard, what I want to do is start doing some sprint and hillclimbs, so I am looking for advice and parts. I am not looking to spend a fortune, looking for budget build. I am thinking over time, cams, inlet, exhaust, suspension and brakes.
    thanks in advance
    Euan C

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    Welcome Euan there should be someone on here with some ideas. Enjoy your C2.

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    If you get the wight out of the car and some decent suspension that is a good start. Then get it on some throttle bodies and stand alone ecunand the word is your oyster

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    Hi Edbar, its going to be running in the road legal class so unfortunately I cant just strip it out :-(
    plans at the moment are as follows,
    1. Get it down to local track and get familiar with it.
    2. Use wintertime to modify and build on the budget.
    3. Some cams either Newman or cat cams, I was going to go for Newmans PH3 but someone else said the Cat Cams ones work better with the VTS?
    4. Port and polish the head.
    5. Find out a good exhaust, I think a 4-2-1 as they tend to give best torque. but happy to be corrected if I am wrong?
    6. I need to do some suspension work? I had seen some some fk online but I am waiting to hear back if they are worthwhile?
    7. Don't think my budget will quite stretch to throttle bodies and ecu this year, so need to find out the best induction I can
    8. Gearbox, ratios and lsd.
    any advice welcome.

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    Look at the regs, there are still ways to make the car lighter and retain the rear seats...
    I would say a trackday is ideal to get to grips with it for sure the best start to your project.
    Budget is really what will shape how and what you modify for the greatest effect so you will need to chose wisely, fk are not up to anything more than stance I'm afraid.
    I have lots of products in the pipeline that can sort the car www.trackspec.co.uk
    Will be up and running in a few weeks which will have everything you need to make a competitive car

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    Fab thank you very much! Will keep it in mind!

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    If you're doing hills with hairpin bends consider the traction out of those corners for which you'll need a compliant car across the corners or you'll lose drastic amounts of time.
    Driving precision is what it's all about.
    With respect to engine performance the area under the curve is the critical thing so don't be making modifications to gain top end at the expense of midrange because you'll go slower. Look at getting the timing of the standard cams optimised (you'll need to fit NFX Pulleys) on a dyno with good repeatability.
    With a front drive car traction off the line is also critical on hills. To that end the most effective weight savings are made towards the back of the car. See if you can run without the spare wheel and carrier. If not perhaps run the car entered as a GT model as they had those deleted as standard from the factory.

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    Cheers for the advice cappuccino, will keep it in mind.

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    I have just finished my first hill climb event in my near standard c2 VTS. The times were pretty poor to be honest and it wasn't all me! I disconnected the left rear ABS sensor to remove both abs and esp. I will put this on a switch at a later date.

    This is my run https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SN0fbEBdjxQ.

    I was nearly 11 seconds off the class leader and I agree with the above, make it light and more powerful. The class leader had a 300kg weight advantage and god knows what power advantage.... The electronic throttle is crap too, it was causing all sorts of issues with delays in response....

    I will be updating my thread this afternoon in members cars

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    Hi folk,
    Right esp switched off, abs disconnected by unplugging left rear abs sensor, apart from that car totally standard. So took it down to Kames for a shake down and see how it handled! I have to say I haven't driven here for over 15 years, but it's a fun wee track. The car handled fantastically and was not too far off the mark (some of that was me!). So think I will start with running standard intake, ph3 or cat cams, some porting work, I am looking into gearboxes as it if far to highly geared for the tracks up here, some decent tyres and a remap. This can be done over winter months, I have also just got another complete engine so the car can be kept together just now. I have a test down at kames again at the end of the month and will get some tyres before then.
    Happy tinkering.

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    I've fitted a 106 Rallye box internals to mine. Not sure the ratios are my ch different to a VTS box

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    The classes are all change for next year!

    So have a look at the regs. There will be a std less than 1600 class where no mods are required

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    Have you a link to the regs? I'm just building a gt to replace the VTS and would like to know if what I'm doing is ok

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    Ok, had a busy couple of months, bought lots of bits so now stripping engine down, have got wooser 1.5 mil overbore high compression pistons running on lightweight H section steel rods, PH3 cam and (green) valve springs, GSR induction, uprated injectors, and for transmission I have a gt box with an lsd in it!
    Any suggestions I am open to, does anyone in the west coast know a good rolling road and ecu remap company, I believe I have and ecu with a superchips remap on it.
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