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Thread: Indicator Relay location? - LED bulbs

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    Default Indicator Relay location? - LED bulbs


    I can't find the indicator flasher relay on my C2 and I am looking for your help.

    The reason why I am looking for it is I want to replace the classic bi-metal relay with an electronic one that would not flash like crazy because of the lesser load of the LED bulbs.
    I bought some very nice and bright amber colour LED bulbs.

    So far I replaced only the two front bulbs, and when the hazard lights are flashing the frequency of the flashing is normal. But when I only turn on either side of the indicators the flashing is extremely fast.

    I tried locating the relay by following the sound. It is not under the bonnet as I was first told by a friend, and the clicking sound comes from somewhere underneath the steering wheel cover or from behind the instrument panel. It's not easy to tell exactly.
    I tried searching the Internet for the solution without success.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I'm in the same situation. Have you figured this out?

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    The indicators are flashed electronically from the BSI (the fuse box in the glove box). It detects the amount of current being drawn by the lamps and if this is too small (blown bulb) it flashes the lamps quickly as a warning to the driver that a lamp has blown. This only occurs in the Mk1 C2's, the Mk2's constantly poll the lamps individually (whether in use or not) and report a fault on the central display. You need a load resistor across the lamp sockets to simulate an incandescent bulb. This requires splicing a load resistor into the wiring loom and it's a pain in the a$$. You could try "CAN BUS error free" LEDs but I do not know if they will work. There are a few different strategies to defeat the CAN BUS error indication and not all of them will work on the older CAN VAN system used on the Mk1's.

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    there is another way to overcome the problem (works the same as load resister) splice bulb holder into indicator wiring inside car and fit 21 watt bulb put it out of site and keep in mind it gets hot.

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