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Thread: Fitting 307 leathers

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    Default Fitting 307 leathers

    Fitted a pair of 307cc leathers but on the drivers seat there's only one connector and 3 wires capped off and on passenger seat again one connector and 3 wires but the connectors different to the c2 standard seats so doesn't fit.
    Is it just cutting the connectors off the c2 seats and soldering them on the the 307 leathers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    U need a wiring diagram for the 307 seats as well as the c2 seats. There are diagrams for the c3 on www.citroen-club.eu (or somethins similar) and for the 307 google it I have seen them before.. I would not cut any connectors off. When you find where each wire connects to get a 307 plug from the breakers, extract the pins from the c2 side and just change plugs. That way you can always go back and it is neater.

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