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Thread: Reprogrammed key but central locking still wont work

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    Default Reprogrammed key but central locking still wont work

    I've followed the instructions found on here :-
    Turn igntion on, hold lock button for 10 secs, wait 3 secs and remove key

    My key fob still fails to unlock or lock the car.

    When the problem started, I had presumed it was the battery on my fob, so changed it. It turned out that the car battery had managed to drain itself completely, so that was the most likely issue. I don't know if I left the battery out too long on the fob, or it was the dead car battery, but it seems to have lost sync somehow.

    Citroen have quoted me 150 to reprogram it, but they did say that the problem could be elsewhere (so I'm guessing I could pay 150 to find them say, it still doesn't work, and you need to pay more money for something else).

    Any ideas anyone?

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    Bloody hell, 150 just to re-programme it? I need a new key as car only came with one. At that sorta price, I'll just have to be extra careful and live with one key

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    Had this on a Xsara I had, you will need the card with the key code on ( should be with service books) then find an auto electrician with Lexia to reprogram through the BSI.Cost me about 40 and a KFC while we waited for the BSI to sort it's self out.

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    Sane as above for me but didn't have the card. I told the auto electrician the (vin?) number on the dashboard and he got the code from Citroen. Think all in cost me @ 75.

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