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Thread: Wiper Blades 19.99 Delivered

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    Default Wiper Blades 19.99 Delivered

    Wiper Blades 19.99 Delivered

    Blade design significantly reduces noise and dragging on the windscreen.
    Blades offer an even pressure across windscreen avoiding smears.
    They are easy to install and are suitable for most vehicle makes.
    The wiper blades are made from soft rubber and fit well on any vehicle type with the universal U-type hook.

    Technical information:
    Colour: Black
    Material: Soft Rubber
    Length: 14 to 26 inches
    Weight: 72 gram

    Payment Details:
    Wiper Blades 19.99
    PayPal GIFT or GOODS (including tax amount)
    PayPal Address: quality1stuff@gmail.com
    BACs option available on request

    When you buy, please send the following in a note to PayPal:

    CONTACT NUMBER (for courier)
    KIT TYPE eg: 24” and 16”

    Delivery is included in price

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