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Thread: C2 Alloy Wheel Protectors

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    Default C2 Alloy Wheel Protectors

    We have found a product that will save your alloys from kerbing and light scuffs

    New for 2014, these rimblades include 3M backing tape!

    Our universal fitting alloy wheel rim protectors are manufactured from a length of tough, flexible and shock absorbent material and have undergone full digital stress and performance testing. Our unique registered design (patent pending) absorbs slow speed kerb impact protecting the outside edge of your rims, the bit that really matters and look unsightly when damaged. Rimblades can be used to prevent damage from occurring to new wheels or to cover up existing damage making older damaged wheels look new again.

    Helps protect alloy wheel trims
    Easy to fit
    Universal, Lightweight & Flexible
    Fits wheels upto 22" diameter
    Easy to replace
    Adheres to alloy wheel rims
    Kit includes set of 4

    Colours available (Please quote the colour upon ordering)
    Yellow (SS5130)
    Blue (SS5131)
    Silver (SS5132)
    Red (SS5133)
    Black (SS5134)
    Pink (SS5135)
    Orange (SS5136)
    Purple (SS5137)
    Green (SS5138)
    White (SS5139)


    RRP: 39.99
    Your Price: 29.99

    All you have to do is send payment to "sales@powermaxed.com" along with your name, address, email, tel, forum name & colour and we will send this out to you.

    Please post below when you do this, so we can check and make sure your order is dispatched.

    Alternatively you can order from our sister website "Street Rhino"


    Kind regards,

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    Post updated with new colours and benefits
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