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Thread: Music Gigs/Festivals

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    Default Music Gigs/Festivals


    just wonderd what your first gig/festival was?
    if your going to any this year?

    didnt go to any in the first 18 years of my life, but went to see avicii in feb, going to see eminem in july and going creamfields in august
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    Saw red hot chilli peppers in Sunderland , Bon Jovi in Sunderland , guns and roses in Newcastle , foreigner in Newcastle with Europe and fm as support , seen journey in Newcastle , Uriah jeep in holmfirth. Big Gig one over here this weekend it's all tribute act ( wannasee festival)

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    Seen Marilyn Manson 5 times in London. Seen him again with Metallica at The Big Day Out, Milton Keynes. Seen Depeche Mode and Rage Against The Machine also.

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