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Thread: C2 V6 conversion parts.....

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    Default C2 V6 conversion parts.....

    Hi guys, thought id add a thread about some of the parts we swapped on nathan barkers v6 to correct some of the issues he had with the car.
    One of the biggest drawbacks after a v6 conversion is the loss of power steering, as the v6 downpipe travels directly through the space the motor usually occupies. So we made him an new pair of downpipes to allow refitment of the pas motor. ( we also made a new centre section as nathans was a bit tired )

    Also we made him a set of custom shafts, which ive already done another thread for but ill include here for continuity....

    We will also be doing a full aftermarket ecu conversion at some point in the future, including a new wiring loom to eliminate problems caused by cross breeding of the c2 and v6 looms.

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    Top work as always

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    nice work senior, just wondering if its just the d8 v6 conversions that dont have power steering? my old d9 one still had the power steering but i had a custom system so i suppose they could have gone around it like you have.
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