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Thread: C2 Not Starting, Please Help me!!

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    Unhappy C2 Not Starting, Please Help me!!

    Citroen C2 SX 1.4Hdi 2004
    84000 miles on the clock

    Car was running fine but a loud chafing noise could be heard, so I took it to the mechanic and they said its injector problem(blocked injectors). Hence, all the injectors were taken out with no hassle and checked and cleaned to put back in the car. The car then was running very smooth and fine for a day. The next day, whilst driving, the car starting to sound different again and stopped. So took it back to the workshop . They checked and couldn't identify any problem with the car. Thought it might be ECU and tried to fix it but still doesn't work. Now I have been from one workshop to another and no one can identify the problem? Any ideas what might be the problem ?

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    its not good to guess with these cars as it could be a number of things, the best thing to do is to get it onto diagnostics

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    Hi many thanks for the reply.
    I have already waisted my time and money on garages and they have no idea whats wrong with the car.
    I will bring it tomorrow to a french car specialist. I already spoken with them and they said they can do citroen diagnosis so I will update you tomorrow.

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    EGR valve is my guess

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    Finally some good news.

    I wasted my time and money on useless garages where there was no help and only bad attitude. On Monday morning, after doing some research on internet I took my car to a guy in cardiff who had a 20 years of experience with French cars. Surprisingly, After couple of hours he called me that there was some copper debris and plastic stuck in the timing belt and that was the only reason. It happened when I took my car to the 1st garage for injectors cleaning and they covered the engine with plastic bags and cleaned the engine unprofessionally.
    I can't believe that something like this will cost 350 pounds and take over 1 month in the previous garages. But I will be more careful with the garages in the future. Its sad that many mechanics won't do their best BUT there are also some good mechanics.

    Many thanks to all
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