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Thread: C2 VTS/Manual Gearbox Oil Change Guide

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    Post C2 VTS/Manual Gearbox Oil Change Guide

    C2 VTS/Manual Gearbox Oil Change

    After having problems changing my gearbox oil and finding little info about this on the net decided to make a quick tut on how I managed it in case anyone else has a problem doing this.

    My car is a C2 VTS 2005 but this I imagine should work on other manual C2íS.
    Iím no mechanic but I am technically minded. So please use this to get a rough idea of what to do. Please click images

    **First off make sure you are not low on petrol as later it is important to get car up to running temperature before you move it for the first time after the refill**

    Items Needed:

    ALL PARTS.jpg

    8MM Square Drain Plug Key 8mm 3/8"
    3/8Ē Ratchet
    Car Jack
    1.9L Total BV 75W80 (Iíd advise to check if your car isnít a MK1 2005 C2 VTS)
    Penetrating fluid 
    Container to collect old oil
    Two halfís of Plastic bottles
    Half a pen
    Cello tape
    Also used but not needed:
    Ramps for safety while underneath
    Household wipes and hand wipes
    White paper duct tape

    Finding where to drain the gearbox!
    This is what I had problems with, but obv when you know itís easyÖ
    You can see it and reach it without jacking the car up but I would advise you do so for better access.


    Do this on the passengerís side of the car. Be careful where you jack up the car from as you can damage the body if you donít use the exposed parts of the chassis.


    If you look towards the passengerís side of the gearbox (Not on the bottom as I imagined) you can see the sump plug which you will need to remove with the 8mm square drain plug key like above..

    Undo and drain old oil into a container. Be prepared with the container as it will come out quick as soon as you remove the plug.
    Mine I donít think had ever been done so I needed the penetrating fluid here.


    Once all the oil appears to have emptied, I would do this. Jack from the driverís side, so any oil sitting in there will come out
    Put the plug back in. Wipe away any oil with household wipes and cover with the white paper duct tape that way if there is any leaks you will notice.

    Top oil plug.jpg

    This plastic cover can be found directly below the air filer it comes off with a pull this is where you will fill with your new oil you will see clearer below.


    Now you could use a funnel or two here but as I didnít have one I done this.
    Snap an old pen, Make a hole in bottle top shove the pen through. Wrap with tape to conceal and to try and avoid seepage.
    Cut another bottle in half and place this in the top of the first bottle.
    This is give a clear route to pour the new oil as without this you will need to remove and reassemble your air filter, Saves some time.

    FILLING 2.jpg

    As you can see I left the label on to give a clear view of the oil going down. It takes time so do it slowly.
    I filled it to so it would cover the label and stop until it had all gone in then continued this until I had put in the full 1.9L.
    Check regularly to see if you can notice any leaks so that youíre not just wasting time and money.

    Half way through however I did go in the car but didn't start it and changed through my gears leaving it in each one for a few seconds just in attempt to
    lubricate all of the gears better.

    I then done this again when the full 1.9L had been emptied into the gearbox. Remember the Plastic cap on top of the gearbox, put it back on and have the car
    warmed up for about 10-15 mins and go through the gears again, Iím not sure if it matters how long you leave it in each gear?
    I went through leaving it in each gear for 20 seconds or so, then all the way through them just with the car still and not moving a couple of times.

    Then I drove the car for about 20 mins to see if what I had done improved the gear change. It did, felt a lot smoother and gave a lot more confidence knowing what gear youíre in. The problem I had was when slowing down especially, I couldn't be 100% confident the gear had been selected correctly as sometimes it
    didn't go in. I thought this maybe serious Iíll need a new gear box but tried this first and Job done. A lot less money and its fixed
    Also in lower gears it felt down on power and sometimes a bit labored, Iím not sure how to explain it but a bit juddery like most cars can be when starting cold
    and not warmed up enough.
    Since it has recently had a new clutch it couldn't have been that, but this for now seems to have sorted that too and changing gear is a lot slicker and reliable.

    Hope this helps anyone who needs the information

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    great write up , well done fella

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