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Users understand that C2Club.co.uk acts as the publisher of the "For Sale" service and will not be held liable for products offered or information displayed in this section.
All information displayed in this section is the sole responsibility of the posting member.
The items advertised in this section are believed to be legally and rightfully owned by the person/s advertising them. C2Club.co.uk holds no responsibility for items bought and sold in this section and holds no responsibility for any monies transacted in the purchase or sale of goods advertised within this section.

1. Only Full Members can advertise items.
2. Your Account is for your use only. Do not allow Non-Members, or anyone other than yourself, to use your account to post items For Sale
3. Items advertised must be legally owned by the person advertising them.
4. No adult, explicit, racially, sexually abusive items may be advertised.
5. Any items For Sale must be posted in the For Sale section, otherwise it will be removed.
6. You must not try and sell Anything Illegal under UK Law (See points 7/8).
7. If an item cannot be legally sold to persons below a certain age, it is the seller's responsibility to verify the age of the buyer.
8. No items are to be listed which conflict with copyright infringements or other laws. This includes items such as copied DVD's, Firearms, Drugs and so on.
9. Sellers must guarantee that all products offered are real, descriptions and prices are accurate and include true to life photos as needed.
10. If you are posting a link to an off site advertisment such as Autotrader, Pistonheads, eBay etc, please add some detail to the thread rather than just a link.
11. No post wrecking. If you do not like the price, move on. Members found post wrecking will have their posts removed and may be subject to a ban.
12. Trade Sellers must contact the site Administrators to discuss the possibility of selling through C2Club.co.uk.
13. No gauging interest threads
14. Prices must be in the title where practicable.
15. Only reply if you are genuinely interested in the item.
16. Do not reply "PM sent". The seller will be aware as they get a notification at the top of the screen.
17. C2club.co.uk reserves the right to remove immediately and without prior notice, any advertisements it deems to either break the rules as stated above or be deemed as unsuitable for viewing.
18. Threads that have not been active for 2 months or more will be locked.

Selling Guidelines
Please read through these guidelines before posting any items up for sale. They have been designed to help you, the seller, give as much information as possible to potential buyers.

1. Give an in depth description of the item, along with product name / model / type.
2. Give an honest and accurate description of the condition of the goods. Iif possible provide photographs of the goods and any damage they may have.
3. Put a guideline price you are looking for, either the price you want to get for the item, or the lowest price you are willing to accept.
4. Give information regarding postage, including costs. This will give the buyer an idea of the TOTAL price they will have to pay.
5. If you have a potential buyer for your item, please use the PM service to discuss further details.
6. Once the item is sold, either on here or elsewhere, please inform a member of staff so that the thread can be locked.
7. C2club.co.uk reserves the right to remove immediately and without prior notice, any advertisements it deems to either break the rules as stated above or be deemed as unsuitable for viewing.

The C2C Moderation Team will enforce these rules, and take any necessary actions to enforce these guidelines. Violators of these rules will be removed from the Classifieds section and may be banned from the C2C Forum or have their membership rights revoked.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact any of the Moderation Team with a Private Message, we will try to answer you in a timely fashion.