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Thread: Club Shop- FAQ

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    Default Club Shop- FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I buy C2Club merchandise from?
    You can find the link to purchase items Here

    Is this item in stock?
    If the option is there to purchase an item, that means we have it in stock. We usually over run stock so we always have extra in, but in the rare ocassion we run out of an item, we will remove it from sale until it is back in stock.

    How will you know where to send my items?
    As the system is fully automated, PayPal will automatically send us your postage details. If you would like the items send to an alternate address, please PM me when you order your item.

    How are the items sent?
    All items are securely packaged and sent out 1st class via Royal Mail. The address on the envelope is copied directly from the PayPal account which you used to pay for the item.

    I've paid for my item, when will it arrive?
    I personally send out all of the items purchased in the Club Shop. I try and send them out within 5 working days, usually sooner. If I am on holiday or know there will be a delay there is usually a Thread in the Club Shop making people aware of the delay.

    I've been waiting over a week, where is my purchase!?
    Please be patient. I have received your order and will be sending it out as soon as possible. Feel free to PM me and I will let you know the status of your order.

    Will you keep me updated about my order?
    Yes & No. If your item is in stock & I have the correct postage details I will send it out. If for any reason there are issues such as missing postage details I will contact you via PM before processing your order.

    I have received the wrong item/something is missing. What should I do?
    Our system is automated so it will be very rare that you receive the wrong item. If you do, or something is missing from your order please PM me and we can discuss where to go from here.

    Den, I've had enough of your crap and even though you work Full Time your service is rubbish. Can I have a refund?
    Yes. If you feel you've been waiting too long (over 2 weeks) and I've not been in touch about any delays....PM me and I will arrange a refund. Please note- due to the special offers and discounts available immediately to full members we do not offer refunds on membership in any other circumstances.

    Do you keep records?
    Yes. Our system is fully automated and we have complete transaction records from the time (down to the second) they were purchased, from which IP Address and also what time and day they were packed & sent out from our end.

    Where does my Money go?
    Well the obvious answer is to pay for your item. The cost covers your item, postage, packaging & paypal fees. Any additional money we make is spent on running & maintaining the forum. We also use any saved money for the development of new items (Cutters on stickers & clothing etc)

    Please note. We only post to the address provided by PayPal. It is your responsibility to make sure that this is correct as no replacements will be sent if you have provided the wrong address. If it is agreed that replacements will be sent, they will only be sent to the PayPal address once again.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer them!

    Den - C2Club.co.uk
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    Just going to bump this thread.

    Please bear with me when it comes to sending stickers out. I work pretty much full time and in between that and the forums I try and get some of a life in

    Recently we have had lots of requests about orders. Most of these are a only a few days after the transaction. But we have also had disputes raised on paypal before any contact has been made on here, questions over stock sent in error, when right and so on.

    So I implore that you check you orders, not only your order, but the items you are buying, ensure your Paypal address is up to date, check your PM's and bear with me.


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