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Thread: My 1.4HDi Has air in the fuel line

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    Default My 1.4HDi Has air in the fuel line

    First A quick Hello, as i am new here...

    My 2004 1.4HDi has a problem with air in the fuel line. (the car always starts first time until 10/1/13)

    I was told (by Mr RAC) that i had run the tank low and drawn air into the line. it was pumped by the primer bulb and started ok, then it ran for a few days, and failed again. MMM? I primed it and off we went. happy as Larry.

    I worked out that as our drive is on a hill I could start first time facing down hill but not facing up, thats OK (I have had far worse car issues) then it started failing on the flat, Thats a problem. it slowly got worse.

    the local garage had a go to fix it, and it was fine for the last weekend, Friday Saturday and Sunday then Monday but i had parked uphill again.. so its back to square 1.

    I have checked the fuses, and if primed it still starts first time and runs fine until left for a few hours, Less if the nose is uphill. I have parked it facing downhill again tonight... HELP
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    if air is constantly getting into the fuel lines then you have a bigger problem somewhere.

    There is a bleed point normally on the fuel filter to bleed the fuel through / get the air / water out when working on the system

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    the problem the car not starting first time? glow plugs?

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    hi matey if you are sure that the drain plug under the diesel filter is tight and all the pushfit pipe connectors are ok. i had to fill my system with a foot of fuel pipe and a little funnel pushed on to the fuel inlet side of the filter ,, pour fuel into funnel and squeeze priming bulb as well,, you will see the fuel go in and when the priming bulb goes hard all the air is definately out of the system
    Rich-un-bobz the sx

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    Thanks for the feedback folks, I filled fuel tank to the top yesterday and had no problems all day, from a downhill facing start, so parked it uphill last night. (Fingers crossed)
    Springs, yep, i am worried there is a bigger problem, I am curious as to why its acting like a giant French Spirit level.
    Will, Its not glow plugs, with fuel its a first time start. (its is one of the most reliable cars I have ever had), but my car history is not great!
    RichBobs, I think that the challenge is to see how its going and check the things you point out, the priming bulb is soft, (I drive boats with outboards so what you say about this makes sense to me) I does look like a small air leak somewhere high in the system that is causing fuel to drain back into the tank, so the idea of bleeding and creating a high reservoir with a funnel looks promising and a LOT cheaper than going to a garage, however i am not exactly technical, so finding a filter and fuel inlet may be tricky.

    If anyone has any other suggestions (apart from putting ramps in the boot and parking nose down everywhere! and yes I did have wood blocks in the boot of my old Mini to use instead of the handbrake on hills!) they are welcome.

    Info Citroen C2 1.4 HDi Design 2004, with nearly 80k miles.

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    The solution!!

    On the HDi There are several fuel lines running under the plastic box that is on top of the engine. (Star type bolts) it is probably some air box thingy. anyway removed that.
    Under it and behind the engine are these fuel lines, the fuel filter is on the right and primer bulb on the left of the engine (as you look at it with your head under the bonnet!) the lines run this way and that.. (Citroen call it the loom?) It seems that the corner of the plastic box thing rubs on one of the fuel lines causing a microscopic hole in the line that goes to the top of the fuel filter. In my case we could just see tiny bubbles as a little fuel escaped and a bit of 'diesely' dampness. its enough to slowly let air in the top of the line amd thus fuel runs back to the tank (Downhill!)

    So we needed that bit of pipe. (It is at this point that Citroen heat up the spoon to remove your eyes!) They only sell the complete Loom at Sixty something quid Plus Vat. You only need a bit of rubber hose! The catch 22 is they are also as rare as rocking horse poo! So with the smell of burning coming from my seared eye sockets I coughed the cash. relieved to know its not the pump motor thingy.

    I am sure that with more time i could have cut the damaged pipe, inserted a piece of metal tube and re connected the cut ends for about 2.50.

    Now the looms on order...

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    Hi I'm having the same problem. Does anyone know the diameter of the fuel line under the air filter housing, is it the same as the one near the hand pump primer?
    Many thanks

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    I am a new member, just looking up a problem I have with a 206 1.4hdi and there it was, air in fuel pipe and car sometimes wouldn't start or car started but stopped in a few yards.
    So thanks to Teespaddler for pointing me in the right direction and sure enough the problem was very evident once air filter was removed, so phoned local Peugeot dealer who confirmed the pipe comes as a set and cost anything from 75 up to around 150
    so had a good laugh with parts man and told him I'd fix it with a length of fuel pipe. So as the pipe in question had no pressure in and was just connecting from the supply pipe to fuel filter. I removed said pipe, carefully cut the connectors off and pushed them into a suitable length of fuel pipe of 8mm inside dia. This I routed around the back of the air filter box and just pushed the connectors on and cable tied the hose where I could and pumped the air out with the squeeze bulb.
    Job done, took about 1/2 hour in total and cost nothing as I already had the pipe. Easy repair without getting ripped of by Peugeot. So thanks once again to you guys and keep up the good work.

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    Air in the lines could well be the pick up pump in the tank failing....does it do when the car is full of diesel and that way the pump is fully covered and cannot such air
    and diesel...
    only diesel is pumped forward to the HP diesel pump...

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