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  1. How To Remove Front Bumper
  2. How To Change Front Door Speakers + Pics
  3. How To Change Rear Speakers + Pics
  4. How To Change Front Brake Pads (1.1/1.4) + Pics
  5. How To Reset Service Indicator
  6. how to remove lower part of upper grill (now with pics)
  7. removing the top bit off the wing mirrors !
  8. How To Fit An Induction Kit/Air Filter + Pics
  9. How To Fix Windscreen Washer Jets When They Stop Working + Pics
  10. spraying plastic
  11. Changing exterior door handles - guide, in english!!
  12. Sport Citroen C2 Rear Spoiler.
  13. Angel eye spotlights
  14. Angel Eye Help Please
  15. Removing Door Cards
  16. Bosch ME7.4.4 documentation
  17. How To Change Rear Lights + Pics
  18. rear suspension
  19. removing bit under stereo
  20. how do you get front bumper off?
  21. Rear seat belts
  22. Connecting a reverse camera with the display - please help.
  23. changing the front pads
  24. Front Door Speakers
  25. fuel filter
  26. Wiring Up Additional Speakers
  27. How To Remove Rear Bumper + Pics
  28. guide for angels where is it?!
  29. Guide: Amp set-up and Cable sizes.
  30. Coilover Care
  31. How To Change Spark Plugs In 1.6L Engine + Pics
  32. Remove a C2 steering Wheel
  33. How To Paint Mirror Caps + Pics
  34. help installing an active sub
  35. Changing Rear Springs - How to?
  36. Engine oil?
  37. how do you remove the front wing?
  38. Stripping & Re-fitting A C2 Gearbox in a VTR
  39. Steering Wheel torx Bolt- size??
  40. Front Bumper Removal?
  41. help with bonnet bra
  42. Fog lamps
  43. fitting spoiler
  44. How do you remove the door bumper thingy ma jiggy
  45. How To Remove Speedo/Clocks + Pics
  46. wiring angel eyes
  47. How to remove the spare wheel cage.?
  48. Simple Back Bumper Modification
  49. side indicators
  50. Splitters & Side Skirts - How To
  51. rear numberplate lights
  52. cruise-control handmade. for MK2
  53. Need Help With 2 Things !
  54. Service
  55. how to remove front door card?
  56. Temperature Guage ?
  57. how do you remove drivers airbag?
  58. anyone know how to paint?
  59. Behind the front bumper (with pics)
  60. Panel Filter Help?
  61. Changing interior bulb behind heater comtrols
  62. EBC Brakes Explained - Guide
  63. removing the petrol cap cover
  64. How To Fit & Remove Coilover Suspension + Pics
  65. How do you change the battery?????
  66. flushing radiator?
  67. programming key
  68. How To Change Dial/Speedo LED's + Video
  69. Fittin exhaust?
  70. Cabin Filter...
  71. Side lamps
  72. How to remove the gear knob
  73. Debadging a c2 :)
  74. electric circuit fault
  75. Guide requests
  76. How to remove and spray dashboard?
  77. Fog Light Moisture: Guide Request
  78. Remove Centre Caps?
  79. Is there a way to change the colour of the halo rings to blue?
  80. Radiator Removal from a 54 plate 1.1
  81. C2 MK1 battery change questions
  82. How to Remove Centre Console + Pics
  83. A pillars
  84. Splitter Removal
  85. Help Guide on Remove C2 TimeClock
  86. How to fit LED lights to switch on roof light. Anyone Know?
  87. 1.4HDI clutch change
  88. De-Badging Rear
  89. Volt meter gauges
  90. How To Apply C2Club Stickers/Decals
  91. Rear inner wheel arch liner
  92. How do I fit headlight trims?
  93. how to remove bump strips ?
  94. Front badge
  95. How To Remove/Change Front Grill + Pics
  96. How To Remove Rear Seatbelt + Pics
  97. set alarm
  98. taking the air vents out how to ?
  99. Cam Belt Change
  100. Door mirror switch
  101. Angel Eye Leveling
  102. Angel eyes wiring and HID's
  103. Making Front Door Speaker Pods
  104. How to remove gearbox
  105. How to Remove or Replace your seats!
  106. Revitalising Interior
  107. [HOW TO] How to fit a gear knob + Dashboard upgrade
  108. After Market cd player loom
  109. front door speakers
  110. how to retrim your headliner
  111. Fitting a new Back Box
  112. How to Remove Rear Seats + Pics
  113. Wheel refurbishing
  114. Oil Filter Housing Leak
  115. How to Request.
  116. C2 Fuse Box Images
  117. Key problem
  118. Replaced 'senso-drive' gearbox but cant get reverse to be selected automatically
  119. How to fit an GSR induction Kit.
  120. brake pads vts
  121. guide needed if possible to fit footwell neons.
  122. Replacing the air cleaner element + pics
  123. Basic: How to remove Battery
  124. Help needed in fitting S1600 Body kit
  125. Removal of front seats?
  126. Complete dash removal
  127. How to change a tie rod end
  128. How To Replace Bulb Behind Heater Control Panel + Pics
  129. someone has a how to remove drive shafts ????
  130. Digital clock light
  131. Changing angel eye t bulbs?
  132. Crank position sensor on a C2 1.1 - help please
  133. Diagnostics sensodrive gearbox
  134. Request: How to replace/ remove front fog light C2 VTS
  135. Fitting manifold?
  136. What size TX bit used when changing brake discs
  137. How to change bulb in clock on the dash
  138. Missing after fitting new coil pack
  139. How to Make A Ipod/Iphone Dock For your centre console
  140. Vts caliper piston
  141. How do I change the gearbox oil on a 2003 1.6 (Petrol) Sensodrive?
  142. Workshop repair manual
  143. Handbrake Adjusting
  144. Diagnostic and Live Engine data reading with PDA and ELM327
  145. Changing MPH to KM/H on your instrument cluster
  146. Help!
  147. How To: Fit VTR/VTS Front Splitters
  148. Any Help Appreciated. VTS Inlet Manifold Fitment.
  149. Holding the rear spoiler in place whilst sealing
  150. How to install the c3 hdi intercooler
  151. De-lock the drivers door handle
  152. C2 HDI Dump Valve
  153. Omex twin coil rev limiter and launch control
  154. Grill mesh
  155. conversion help needed!!!!!!!
  156. How to remove rocker cover for painting on 1.1 engine?
  157. How to change the casing on your key, FIX FOR WORN OUT BUTTONS AND OLD LOOKING KEY
  158. Fitting foglights to cars which dont have them
  159. What is this? (+Pic)
  160. Removing radio fascia - Mk2 58 Reg
  161. How do I disconnect/ reconnect the seatbelt/airbag connector under the drivers seat?
  162. How do you remove gear knob on C2?
  163. Remove and re-fit doors request??
  164. standard manifold removal + decat manifold fitting
  165. How to keep your iPhone/Aux lead out of the way.
  166. Heater/ Blower resistor problem?
  167. How To: Carbon wrap your interior door handles
  168. Before I make a how to
  169. How to fit Gas Bonnet Lifters
  170. How To Change Windscreen Trim Clips.
  171. How to get into your car when locked out! Deadlocked NO SMASHED GLASS!
  172. Help, my car's ill....! wont drive..
  173. How to stop your arch liner's moving/rattling
  174. C2 dash symbols
  175. How to display the DATE on centre console of dashboard of C2 CODE 2007
  176. Changing check strap?
  177. The Ultimate SensoDrive Owners Guide
  178. Guide for rear springs and shocks?
  179. C2 VTR 1.4 HDi - Intermittant dashboard warnings - Help Required
  180. How to turn on/off fog lamps on C2?
  181. How to bleed cooling system on 1.4 furio
  182. How to remove and fit an Alternator on a 1.6 16v vtr/vts.
  183. Road Noise C2 1.1 2008 Rythum
  184. Citroen C2 Bulb Types
  185. VTS Whine! lol
  186. How to remove rear valance on VTS
  187. C2 VTS/Manual Gearbox Oil Change Guide
  188. How to - VTR cam belt and water pump change. Many photos.
  189. can you remove citroen c2 spoiler?
  190. How to convert a Citroen C2 fob to DS3.
  191. Rear Wheel Bearings
  192. Manifold fitment
  193. How to change a head gasket?
  194. How to change air filter on VTS HDI
  195. How to change oil filter on VTS HDI
  196. Smoothing front bumper basic how to guide :)
  197. engine variants in the code
  198. GMC Lambda sleeve
  199. How to wire up auxiliary lamps (or get the fog lights to work on main beam)
  200. How to Fit Aero / Bonnet Catches
  201. How to - Remove gear linkages from gear stick & Change Gear Stick (reduce G/s play)
  202. Someone please help!!
  203. C2 1.1 2006( cooling fan on permantely on as soon as you put keyin)
  204. C2 1.1 2006(cooling fan on all the time)
  205. Abs pump
  206. Request - fitting poly bush kit
  207. C2 1.4 hdi fuel filter replacement
  208. Electric Wing Mirror Removal
  209. engine mountings
  210. Haynes workshop manual
  211. Dismantling hub caps for cleaning and painting
  212. How to make your own polybushes
  213. clutch replacement
  214. Seat exchange
  215. c2 1.1 seat changing help
  216. CitroŽn C2 VTR 1.4 REMAPPING!!!
  217. C2 Sensodrive Software update
  218. C2 1.4 hd gear change
  219. Front wing removal/replacement?
  220. Slight hesitation on acceleration c2 cachet2008
  221. Knocking Noise Offside Front.
  222. C2 HDI 1.4 diesel injector seal blown
  223. How to remove fuel pump/sender housing + pics
  224. wont start
  225. clutch change sensodrive help
  226. no audible warning for indicators
  227. c2 1.6 vtr fault codes
  228. how to lock a citreon c2 without the remote key fob
  229. C2 VTR alarming and no power help :(
  230. Brake conversion?
  231. Heating / AC Dials
  232. Adjusting headlight aims
  233. Citroen C2 1.1 radiator fan not working, its not going on when 90įC temp reached
  234. C2 speedo not working
  235. vtr mk1 dash warning light and three beeps
  236. C2 door handle query
  237. Parts Needed
  238. Successful C2 VTR Clutch Actuator repair
  239. C2 vts brake shoes
  240. C2 2005 abs fault
  241. C2 workshop manual
  242. sensodrive to manual conversion
  243. Replace Heater blower motor
  244. Rear brake caliper bracket mounting bolt Torx size (2007 VTS)
  245. C2 1.1 2007 ABS coming on during normal braking
  246. Not starting
  247. 2005 C2 1.4hdi furio Sensodrive ABS pump (again)